About Us


A name that supports over 500 families and promises a secure and progressive future to hundreds of people working for us and working with us.

With Mr.Vishal Chandwani at the helm of operations since inception in 2009; in just a decades time

Assure pharma has been awarded with two prestigious awards by



ASSURE PHARMA is AN ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 22000:2005 Certified and WHO-c GMP Compliance manufacturing facility in Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Oral Liquid (Syrup & Suspension), Oral Dry Syrup, External Liquids, Ointments, Creams, Betalactum Products, General Products ,Nutraceuticals, Soaps, Shampoo, Eye Drops, Ear Drops , Oral Sachets & Powders , External Powder, Cosmetics And Veterinary Products.

It's all due to our quality work, we have been able to expand the export market in Middle East, Africa Sri lanka , Nepal. All the aforesaid medical products are formulated and composed according to the specification of international standards.


Our Mission

To be able to serve all clinical segments like Pediatrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Diabetology, Dental, Dermatology and General ailments for all age groups and all dosage forms like Tablets/ Capsules, Dry syrup, Liquid, Injectable and Topical. Cover all Therapeutic segments like Antibiotics, Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory, Gastric products, Heart diseases & Diabetes, Nutritional products, Respiratory specific products and all such useful range to cater to the needs of Billions of Indians first and Global later.


Also, to help hundreds of young & dynamic entrepreneurs to grow & excel in their own working districts as Distributors, thus indirectly support thousands of families across the country.




Our Vision

At Assure pharma we are more humane than commercial. Professional !We value human relations, cultures, promises/commitments and point of other person’s view. Our organization is small inside and very large outside. We handle most complex tasks through simplified, single-action procedures to maximize satisfaction and minimize time wastage & customer woes. Our sights are on Global markets beckoning us since long,


Why Us

Our PUNCH LINE “ASSURING YOUR HEALTH” says it all that what we believe in and what we thrive to do.

We are fully committed to focus on the needs of our customers by a strategy that allows us to develop, produce and market high quality medications. We have made it our responsibility to provide innovative products that will enrich the lives of patients and help create a long-term disease management system. We are constantly looking at advancements that will provide our customers with the medication and therapeutic services they need. Because of our dedication to research and test ground breaking pharmaceutical products, ASSURE PHARMA is constantly in search of ways we can expand our company and become among the top healthcare companies in the world.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in many different medical fields to aid in the research and development of our products, which has helped give ASSURE PHARMA the opportunity to provide over 500 products in different therapeutic areas. We have made it our goal to develop and provide products that will stay ahead of the constant changes in the healthcare industry. We have made it possible by adapting to healthcare reforms, meeting the needs of emerging markets and anticipating new demographic trends in order to play a vital part in meeting future healthcare needs.

We always try to give best of packing available in the industry along with best of marketing support.

We provide creative and state of the art designs in all our promotional inputs Whether its visual aid, leave behind literature, doctor reminder card, doctor gifts. Not only this we are well aware how much technology has changes our business and how people perceive. So to connect doctors, medical representative and our distributors we have made a unique Mobile app. Which is very useful in connecting as well promoting products.